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Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

I love the idea of lipstick top coats. I've played around with a few and was really excited to see that Lime Crime came out with their Diamond Crushers! After hearing such mixed reviews I was on the fence about trying them but after swatching them in the store to finally wearing them, I am so glad I did!


I picked up the shade 'Choke', which they describe as a cloud pink/blue colour. The iridescent lip topper goes so well on a variety of lipstick colours! They can even be worn alone on bare lips!


The product never runs or feels gritty on the lips. They don't transfer on drinking cups, however won't last through eating a meal. If that is a breaking point for you then this won't be the product you should choose. The formula feels very lightweight and never drying either!


The product can even be used in the brows to add something fun and different to the brows! If you are looking for a glittery highlight, these can be used on the cheekbones and brow bone too.


The price point is quite relative to other lip top coats that are currently on the market, at around $23.


Although, I find there are longer wearing options out there, the other brands don't offer the same, unique colour range. For me that's worth reapplying after a meal!



My favourite to pair it with is a deep purple, matte liquid lipstick.


What do you think of the glitter top coat trend? Let me know your thoughts below!


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